Jane Galloway






Art Opportunities Monthly  - List of opportunities for professional visual artists.

Artshole - an online source for creative talent

Artist Newsletter - subscription magazine

Battersea Contemporary Art Fair - the artists art fair

British Arts - lists artists opportunities and events

Celeste - international on line gallery of artists

Celtic Myths - interesting blog about the inspirational Celts

Dada South - Disability Arts Development Agency

Hampshire Artists - organisers of the Best of Hampshire Artists

Hiscock Gallery and artists supplies shop in Southsea

MOSAIC - a charity supporting bereaved children and their families

Neil Shearer -artist

RSA - Royal Society for Arts

Seasonal Affective Disorder - information and resources about SAD

Saatchi on line artists gallery

Society for All Artists - says what it does on the can

Website buiding for artists -create your own worldwide gallery for your artwork